Quality & Testing


Raw Material
We use strong & special steel as raw material for the production of our Agriculture Implements. The quality and composition of the steel go through decisive factors in insuring the product operates accurately for a long time. The Quality of all incoming goods are verified by spectral anaylsis before goods are accepted.

Forming Section
The controlled machines, fitted with special types of tools, installed in the plant are capable of boring and turning processes of the Strong steel.

Painting Section

Implements are painted with special polyurethane paint followed by the drying system. which controls the precise proportion of paint & hardener. This results in a uniform and highly resistant surface which offers long lasting protection against corrosion.

Assembly Section
The assembly section is equipped with the tools that provide uniform pressure, while tightening the Fasteners resulting in a high quality and high assembly standards.

Quality Check 

The trained, educated and experienced staffs at PAIR AGROKING are responsible to carry out all operations to maintain the quality and safety standards of the product.